Only those who risk going
too far can possibly find out how far one can go
-T.S. Eliot
do it yourself marketing

Do-It-Yourself Marketing Strategies

If you are going to forgo hiring marketing companies, pay attention. Approach the content below with a student mindset. As I have said and will continue to say, marketing is as essential to your business as air is to your body. Have a growth mindset, absorb and master this information. Keep learning until you can afford to hire an agency. Develop a growth marketing strategy mindset and never let up. It will not return void to you, I promise. If you want to see something overwhelming? Google or search for the information on this page. It’s never ending. All the tools and recommendations here have been tested and tried and are worth your time to learn and put to use.  Bookmark this page and keep checking back often. We will update for new and best practices marketing strategies. Sign-up for our Go Farther newsletter to stay on top marketing and sales news.

Must Have Creative Tools

If you want to save $100s to $1000s on design, this is a must-have subscription. There is a free subscription, but for $10 a month, it unlocks everything. You can get everything here, from logos, social media post templates, e-book covers, and templates to website creative templates. It has everything you need to create first-class marketing pieces.

Are you a pro writer? Likely not, but you still need this incredible tool even if you are. You will need to write unique content for all your marketing and content for your website and blogs, and this will help you take your writing and make it look like a pro did it. There is a free version, and the premium is only $12 a month. Worth every penny. 

This is your answer if you want to save thousands on website building. With and Elementor, you can build a professional-looking and not cheap-looking website with just a few hours invested. You must have, not .org, to utilize all the best features. It’s worth the extra few dollars. So many free YouTube videos will help you understand this software in just a few short hours, like in one morning.  One of the best tutorials here. Elementor, hands down, is better than any other website builder on the market. The Lite version is $2.99 a month, and the Pro (recommended) version is $9.99 a month). 


WordPress is the best platform for starting your website. Thousands of Plug-ins are developed by some of the best developers anywhere, and the possibilities are endless. This is a foundation all marketers should be well versed in. With this link here you will know everything you need in the morning.

You must build your site on and NOT The .org version will limit you in too many ways to explain here. Instal and download the Elementor plug-in inside WordPress. Go to Elementor to get the pro version, copy the license code, and then go back to the WordPress Elementor plug-in and activate it. The video I put in the Elementor block will cover what you need to know about WordPress. Price-wise, WordPress will be included in your Elementor subscription. 

Marketing Masterclasses

The course and recommendations to follow have been vetted, tried and found to be the most effective for beginner to seasoned entrepreneurs. When you google, or how ever you search for information on these subjects the results can be mind numbing. These are broken down to cut through the noise. The are all solid reccomnedations and you will not go wrong starting here, as long as you put into practice, aka Self-Do™


Hubspot is one of the best places for free marketing classes and info. You owe it to yourself to go here and sign up for their free updates and classes.

Funnel Marketing

Funnel Marketing, a pivotal digital marketing strategy, is built on three empowering pillars: 1. Knowing your Strategy, 2. Crafting Your Messaging, and 3. Knowing your Target. Once you grasp these three elements, you’re equipped to progress to the next step: selecting a platform to deliver your drip campaign. is an exceptional low-budget platform to kickstart your journey. It’s free and offers a wealth of paid products ala cart, providing excellent value for your investment.

Karta is the best bang for your buck and is recommended if you have the budget.

Clickfunnels is the oldest, not the cheapest, but it has the most training on funnels of any other platform.

Prior to making a decision, I strongly advise signing up for free on all these platforms and delving into their free resources. This will equip you with valuable knowledge and confidence in all things funnel market-related.

Let’s circle back to the fundamentals of funnel marketing. Before launching a funnel, you must focus on the 3 crucial aspects mentioned above: 1. Knowing your Strategy, 2. Crafting Your Messaging, and 3. Knowing your Target. Keep these in mind as you navigate the world of funnel marketing.

Knowing your Strategy means knowing what your purpose is. Are you selling a widget? If you are selling a widget, your funnel marketing will be different. You must blast often and plaster your widget and company out there with the boldest message that stands out. This, too, is an art that can be learned. Google winning content for [your widget]. Make sure that when you create your message, it is your original content and not plagiarized. 

You may be trying to get leads to close sales. Knowing this will drive your #2: Crafting Your Message differently. If you are trying to get leads to set appointments to close sales, see a great strategy to implement here.

It is essential to not have a paralysis analysis, which is easy to do with an overabundance of information at our fingertips. Just get started, and remember, The Farther You Go, the Further You See. You can adjust everything later as you go and learn more.

The Farther You Go the Further You See

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